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What is Gachyi Land?

We are building an ecosystem where NFTs issued on our platform can be incorporated into our future mini party games and Play-To-Earn MMORPG.

We will be releasing our very own NFTs as well as onboarding NFTs from other projects. These NFTs will be minted via our interactive gachapon machines on our website. Our first release is the Goo Goos collection, limited to 500 ever to be minted on Polygon. Owning a Goo Goo gives you privileges throughout our roadmap.

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May Wong is the Founder and Mastermind behind Gachyi Land. She formulates the concepts and designs throughout the Gachyi Land ecosystem, including NFTs, Gacha-Launchpad, and games.

Outside of Gachyi Land, May survives on games, animes, and chai latte. She is also a lawyer within the corporate commercial and immigration space.

Harly Zappino

Harly Zappino is the Founder, Legal and Economist of Gachyi Land. He is a leader in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain legal advisory. He has a proven track record of successful ecosystems and sustainable models for his clients’ crypto projects. He has also developed numerous NFT models ensuring gamification that is beneficial to NFT holders and the issuers.

Ralph Kalsi

Ralph Kalsi is the Founder, Tech and Marketing Advisor of Gachyi Land. He has developed a broad range of NFT projects and other blockchain related tech projects including centralised exchanges, dex, NFT marketplaces and many more.


Neo Legal is an Australian law firm deeply immersed in blockchain and cryptocurrency. They have acted as an advisor to a broad range of blockchain companies and projects, including Australian crypto exchanges, NFT as well as DeFi projects. The firm also facilitates services crucial to blockchain/crypto projects such as Tokenomics and Gamification.

Blockchain Australia is the leading blockchain development and consulting company in Australia. They offer end-to-end solution to help transform emerging tech ideas into a fully functional reality. Many global and local blockchain/crypto projects have been brought to life under their wings.

Xentrix Studios is a powerhouse in the animation industry that has worked with industry giants such as Warner Bros, Disney, Marvel, Lego to name a few. This marks Xentrix Studios Australia, a subsidiary of Xentrix Studios entrance into the NFT space in which Xentrix will be developing animation assets for Gachyi Land and their affiliated partners.

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